Long Island Problems
This blog is ran by two girls who were born and raised on Long Island. We are both sophomores in college who go to separate SUNY schools off of LI. We both love and miss LI whenever we are away from home so, that's why we created this blog. Hope you enjoy and can relate to this if you're from LI.
Sorry we’ve been a little MIA

We were both just on Thanksgiving break and Tumblr was not really an option…especially since one of us was in Italy the whole time.

We’ll be posting again soon!

Clearly we know “Hofstra” is spelt wrong.

It’s one mistake, relax people.  Most of you didn’t even see the mistake so obviously people get the point.


Robert Moses beach “The Pencil”, Long Island NY.
Oh & That’s my best friend’s black shadow.  I took :)

In this picture is one of the runners of the site.  The other is the one who took it ;) See, we sure love Long Island.
We just started this blog today.

Don’t worry, we’ll get shit running.

Tell your friends!


“We have the best bagels in the world”
The Hofstra Strip

Yes, all the bars are great and fun but they get old. That’s why it is listed as a “Long Island Problem.”  The underage are lucky to have them but after a while they aren’t fun anymore but there’s nowhere else to go.  And they are also listed as a “problem” because of the things that happen there hahah.